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Naturopathy is a health profession which approaches health problems in a wholistic way without the use of conventional drugs. Improved health and well-being can be achieved with the help of iridology and a choice of remedies which can include vitamin and mineral supplements, individualised herbal formulae, flower essence, aromatherapy and creams. Dietary and lifestyle changes are also incorporated.

Both Rosie Khayat & Doreen Schwegler are experienced naturopaths here at ADOH

The practise uses the healing power of natural therapeutic techniques so that both the mind and body are supported during the process of healing. It is suitable for all ages, and can alleviate a large variety of illnesses and conditions such as digestive problems, fatigue, PMT and menopause. An individual does not necessarily need to be unwell to benefit from natural therapies. Naturopathic treatments enhance our body’s potential to heal, which can help prevent┬ádisease.

Main Principles Of Naturopathy

  • The body has the innate ability to heal itself.
  • Treating each person as a unique inidividual.
  • Treating them wholly and not solely at the affected area.

Naturopathic Treatments Used At All Degrees Of Health

  • Herbal Medicine to treat and help prevent certain illnesses
  • Flower essences to help emotional healing
  • Homoeopathy
  • Nutritional advice to help restore balance, detoxify, and prevent disease
  • Lifestyle advice to help reduce stress levels and enhance well-being

History Of Naturopathy

The practise of Naturopathy traces back to the 18th century natural healing systems, which include hydrotherapy and nature cure. A German immigrant named Benjamin Lust introducted naturopathy to the US in 1902 by founding the American School of Naturopathy. This was at the time where dietary principles (e.g. minimising saturated fat) has become popular in society. By the 1960’s, the practise of naturopathy had gained significant popularity and continues to expand in knowledge to this day.