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6 Spoons in June

Rebecca Screen is a Naturopath and Health Coach with over 20 years’ experience in the health industry.  Rebecca loves her work, and is most passionate about spreading the word about health and nutrition.  Prevention is definitely better than cure! 6 Spoons in June is an educational program teaching us how to cut back on sugar to enable a step towards preventing ill health such as Type 2 Diabetes, down the track.

As an Ambassador for “That Sugar” Film, Rebecca is committed to providing education for the next generation about “healthy” food choices. She have access to a comprehensive tool kit and would like to be able to make a difference in the lives of the children, parents and staff at your school.  She can present workshops, information sessions, and much more.

Students love it when Rebecca demonstartes how much sugar is contained in their favourite “healthy” items.  1 teaspoon of sugar = 4g.  She believes there is a strong connection between what we eat, how we feel and how we think.  What goes into our blood affects our cells, tissues and even our thoughts.  The seeds for certain diseases such as heart disease and diabetes are being planted from a young age and build over time.  With a typical lunch box containing 40 teaspoons of sugar, there needs to be a focus on children’s health.

“Rebecca taught us about sugar and changing our diet.  I learnt a lot from Rebecca and about hidden sugar.” – St Mary Margaret Grade 5/6 student. 

Australia’s low-sugar action month is happening this month again – “6 Spoons in June.”  Developed in 2017 by Damon Gameau and That Sugar Movement to create greater awareness around sugar and health.  The World Health Organisation recommended guidelines is to aim for 6 or less teaspoons of sugar a day.  Currently the average Australian consumes 27 teaspoons daily.  Much of this added sugar is in processed foods that are masquerading as healthy food choices.  For example a low fat, fruit yoghurt on average contains about 4-5 tsp/sugar.  That is almost your whole daily allowance!  Take a closer look at what’s in the food you choose.

6 Spoons in June focus is on:

  • Reducing sugar intake
  • Not about cutting it out completely and “quitting” sugar
  • Swap over-sweetened food for healthier tasty versions
  • Take a closer look at what’s in the food you choose
  • What added sugar does to your body
  • Added sugars not natural sugars

Rebecca would love the opportunity to discuss the resources she has available and how she can support your community.  Over 1000 schools throughout Australia and NZ have become “sugar aware” through the That Sugar Film resources.

To find out more about how she can help please contact her at All Degrees of Health 9331 0951 or admin@adoh.com.au

Sow the seeds for good health!

Rebecca Screen

Naturopath, Health Coach & That Sugar Ambassador