Doreen Schwegler

all degrees of health doreen

Doreen is the founder of All Degrees of Health. She graduated with a from RMIT University in 1982 and worked in pathology laboratories while completing a 4 year Dip. Ap. Sc. at the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Fitzroy, graduating in 1989. She has worked as a Naturopath in Essendon since then and now specialises in 3 areas:

Natural Fertility Management

Bowen Therapy

Ultralite Weight Management

Doreen’s approach is not only dealing with the symptoms, but helping discover and treat the underlying cause. Doreen employs a range of diagnostic tests (seeĀ tests available at the clinic), including Bioimpedence analysis, genetic profiling, urine and blood testing, frequently working collaboratively with GPs when needed.