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Health Wellness Reboot 2019

Nature provided a wonderful machine to get us through the challenges of life.  Is yours a sleek sports car helping you to achieve all your personal and physical goals or an old clunker with just enough fuel in the tank to get you from birth to death? Perhaps you are struggling with a health concern and haven’t found any satisfactory answers as to why, and want a solution to return to optimal health? Or you may be concerned about a close relative’s diagnosis and want to ensure you are doing everything within your power to prevent you going down the same path.

In all these situation we have a personalised and customised solution! We call it the ADOH Wellness Reboot. For those in peak performance we can ensure you maximise your body’s physical and mental balance plus provide the best opportunity to keep it that way.

And, for those who haven’t achieved their physical and mental goals (and let’s face it, that’s most of us) we have a package to get you out of the rut and on the road to a ‘better you’. All under the supervision of your own health professional. You only have one body and if you don’t look after it, who else will?

The following packages offer a comprehensive and cost-effective way to do some self-care. Programs that can be tailored to the individual, but our Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond offer the best value for your investment.


-Initial consult with our Naturopath and Health Coach Rebecca Screen to identify your health goals and get you started on the road to achieving them

– Review of your supplements, any pathology tests you have had done in the past 12 months

-Eating plan review and adjustments where necessary

-Initial Consult with our Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and chief Head Sorter-outerer Angela Molluso to find out your “Why” and address the emotional blockages and baggage that hinders you achieving your goals

-‘VLA/Quadscan’ – a scientifically validated test that measures your fat and muscle %s and other health parameters to see what is going on in your inside (see https://alldegreesofhealth.com.au/service/diagnostic-testing/)

-‘Your Wellness Guide’ – a booklet packed with great information to maintain good health

-A personalised wellness program to start the New Year

-Recommendations for targeted support (herbs/nutrients) as needed.

-$40 credit on supplements or another visit

– copy of Doreen Schwegler’s book “Complete Health Overhaul – Your Guide towards Better Happiness, Better Sex and Healthy Ageing”

$299 (Valued at $430)



As for Gold adding in:

– Live Blood analysis – to get a visual look at your blood to assess your health

– A one hour therapeutic or Remedial massage with the wonderful Jasmine Izumi

-Follow up 1 hour Consult with either Angela or Rebecca

-Follow up VLA/Quadscan


$629-(Valued at $880)



As for Platinum adding:

-Genetic Profiling to work out your genetic predispositions, assist in personalising your wellness plan and assist in healthy ageing (see: https://alldegreesofhealth.com.au/service/genetic-profiling/)

-1 hour consult to review your genetic profile and summarise recommendations

– Oxidative Stress Test to see if your body is burdened by excessive free radical ‘attack’ (see https://alldegreesofhealth.com.au/service/diagnostic-testing/)

-$1195 (valued at over $2000)

We also provide a packages for couples who wish to do a joint program or seek specialist support in areas such as fertility and childbirth.

Don’t wait, call us today to book a free 10 minute discussion on what may be best for your needs.  Nature provided us with only one body.  Let’s ensure we get the best out of that magnificent machine.

Any Patients booking in February will automatically receive a 10% discount.

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