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How much does it cost to have a healthy baby naturally

Couples wanting to optimise their health and boost their fertility may be fearful of the expense in seeking the help of a Natural Fertility Specialist. When you compare seeing a Health practitioner who specialises in Natural Fertility Management versus doing an IVF cycle or suffering another miscarriage, having a child with naturopathic support can work out to be a significantly better investment on many counts. This includes the financial, emotional and physical costs involved in doing assisted techniques, where oftentimes the underlying issues that necessitated doing IVF in the first place been not been addressed.

Doing a thorough Preconception Health Care (PCHC) workup not only increases the likelihood of a natural conception, increased IVF success and a really healthy pregnancy and baby but helps each partner address their own health challenges. These may include poor sleep, mood problems, heavy metal overload, hormone imbalance, allergies, excess weight, digestive issues or fatigue. So not only are the eggs and sperm getting the best chance of being as healthy as possible, but the prospective parents often progress to feeling healthier and happier. Hopefully also improving their chances of being around to kick the footy with their grandkids!

Costs are broadly divided into 3 main things:

  1. Visits
  2. Testing and
  3. Supplements

Visits usually involve at least 1 hour per partner initially, and currently costs $180 with the Naturopath. Subsequent visits are scheduled according to the client’s age, availability, presenting condition/s and the time frame negotiated.

Testing is broadly grouped into:

  1. Pathology tests from the GP – often some have been done, and the extra ones required are Medicare rebatable with a supportive GP. Some tests like Vitamin D and zinc need to be paid for privately.
  2. Optional ‘In-House tests’, such as Live Blood Analysis ($60), Bioimpedance testing (to measure fat % and cellular health – $60), urine tests like pH and heavy metal clearance ($5/$15), and oxidative stress testing ($80)
  3. Optional Functional pathology testing including hair analysis to screen for heavy metals ($120), thorough urinary hormone profiles ($379), and genetic profiling ($434.50). Some of these tests may not be indicated, desired or relevant, but they are available for those who are interested.

Supplements almost always include a comprehensive prenatal multivitamin with activated B vitamins and an omega 3 supplement for both partners, plus any extras such as specific herbs and nutrients as required.

The practitioner-only products we stock are matched with our client’s requirements e.g. we stock eight different prenatal supplements for females, and, for example, if either partner has a gene variant (SNP)  for the MTHFR gene, their body does not convert the folate to ‘active folate’ very effectively. So taking an across-the-counter product like Elevit or Menovit could be less beneficial than hoped for, as there is evidence to suggest that the excess ‘unprocessed’ folate could cause problems. Our commonly prescribed prenatal multi costs $23.95 for a month’s supply and works out even cheaper when purchased in the 90-day size.

The omega 3 supplement contains high quality, high strength EPA and DHA for healthy egg and sperm, and costs around $40 for 2 months.

Oftentimes couples consider starting their preconception workup with a ‘Detox’ – see: https://www.metagenics.com.au/About/Detox

Depending on the questionnaire and time required this can cost $70-80 per week per person and takes between 2 and 6 weeks.

Herbs may be required, and are formulated individually according to your requirements. They cost approximately $25 per week.

Whilst the natural approach may seem expensive at first glimpse, when you consider that your child’s health lasts their lifetime, and your health is one thing that only you have the power to change, I believe you can’t afford NOT doing a thorough preconception workup!

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