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Naturopathy Quiz

Many people wonder how visiting a naturopath would be beneficial. So I’ve put this quiz together to give you some ideas as to common areas we help with!

1. Do you wake refreshed each morning and maintain good energy throughout the day?
2. Are your bowel movements regular (i.e. at least once daily), nicely formed and easy to pass? (Apologies about the graphic description!)
3. If female and menstruating: Do you have regular cycles, little or no period pain and no spotting prior to bleeding, or clots during the period? Are you comfortable knowing your fertile signs, and can happily use them to either conceive or avoid pregnancy.

If post-menopausal: Do you sleep well, feel positive and don’t have issues with flushing? Have you a family history of osteoporosis?

If male: Is you libido strong, do you sleep through the night without having to get up in the night to use the bathroom?

4. Are you happy with your weight, diet and exercise routine?

5. Would you like to reduce the risks of diseases that run in your family through natural means, including heart issues, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, osteoporosis and cancer. Or if you have suffered from any of these, would you like to reduce your risks of re-occurence using novel approaches like genetic profiling?

If you answered no to questions 1-4, or yes to question 5, we can help you! Please give us a call and one of our team of health professionals will get you started on the right track!