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Natural Fertility

Natural Fertility Explained

Pre – Conception Health Care.

Pre- conception care is about maximizing the health of the future parents in every way. This

  1. Ensuring adequate nutrients are available in the diet (and if required with supplements)
    to make healthy sperm & eggs.
  2. Minimizing harmful things that can adversely effect your health.
  3. Understanding your fertility to maximize conception timing.


This involves both partners, and should be implemented 4 months prior to conception. This
is because sperm formation takes up to 4 months and eggs 100 days.

The result optimizes the chances of a healthy full-term pregnancy; a bright alert and content
baby with less illness and allergies, and a successful breastfeeding relationship. It is the
ultimate in preventative healthcare.

Some steps involved in preparation are:

  1. Screening for heavy metal toxicity and checking essential nutrients.
  2. Avoiding environmental hazards e.g. electromagnetic radiation, toxic chemicals.
  3. Treating allergies and/or other immune disorders.
  4. Checking and treating genito -urinary tract infections.
  5. Avoiding smoking, drugs, excessive caffeine and unnecessary medication.
  6. Eating organically and improving the diet.
  7. Taking supplements as required.
  8. Exercise.
  9. Relaxation, meditation and /or yoga.
  10. Adequate filtered water.

More detailed information is available in “The Natural Way to Better Babies” Francesca Naish
and Janette Roberts, 1996, Random House (available at the clinic for $29.00)


Overcoming Infertility.

This involves the preconception care program as outlined above, as well as treating the
particular presenting problems with herbal treatments, dietary changes, physical therapies
and /or nutrient supplements.
A couple is treated as “infertile” if no conceptions have resulted after 1 year of trying to

Female factors include:

  1. Hormonal disturbances e.g. Polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, lack of ovulation, and
    sometimes fibroids.
  2. Physical problems e.g. blocked or damaged tubes from previous surgery or infections,
    increasing age.

Male factors include:

  1. Sperm issues. Sperm counts have dropped approximately 50% in the last 50 years. Issues
    with the various parameters – motility, count, morphology and antibodies are treated slightly
    differently. This involved herbs, nutrients, and looking at environmental toxins. Physical
    factors may need to be addressed also.
  2. “Unexplained Infertility”, where there is no identified reason, is often overcome by adopting
    the pre-conception program. It this is unsuccessful, addressing potential psychological
    factors that may hinder the couple, may be an option.

Overall, the major underlying causes of infertility appear to be:

  • Stress
  • Environmental pollutants.
  • Poor nutritional status including poor absorption of nutrients.
  • A dysfunctional immune system.
  • Genito-urinary tract infections.
  • After effects of contraceptives, some drugs or surgery.
  • A greater age for first time parents.


Recurrent Miscarriages

These can be due to many reasons including:

  1. Immune factors.
  2. Nutritional deficiencies.
  3. Genito-urinary tract infections.
  4. Poor timing of conception attempts.
  5. Hormonal issues.

Adopting pre-conception principles and targeting the specific issues will frequently result in a
full term pregnancy and a healthy baby!



The best side-effect of adopting the “Natural Fertility” approach is the couple feel healthier,
more energetic and empowered. On occasions, reproductive technology is the only solution
and adopting the pre-conception principles greatly enhances the chances for a successful
outcome. Rather than an “either/or” approach, natural remedies) when used by an
experienced practitioner) can be useful leading up to, and in some cases during, IVF cycles.


Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

Once conception occurs, diet, supplements, counselling and some physical treatments e.g.
Bowen therapy/reflexology and massage are used during the pregnancy to maximize the
health of the mother and growing baby.