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Weight Management

Weight loss can be as simple as education and dietary adjustments. However some people who have been struggling with weight loss attempts may have added factors such as hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficiency, genetics, or emotional blocks that can be frustrating and inhibit success. All Degrees of Health offer several Weight loss options with our specialist naturopath, as well as the availability of a personal and group trainer, hypnotherapist, psychologist and life coach if and when needed. All programs all involve reducing carbohydrates intake regular check with our “Cellular Health Assessments” (aka Bioimpedence analysis – see testing available at the clinic). They include:


Typical weight loss is 2.5-5kg the first week then 1-2 kg per week thereafter. This regimented program involves 3 meals you prepare yourself, 4 special drinks you have in-between meals (to reduce hunger and appetite, and assist fat burning via regulating insulin levels), and a quick urine check each morning to assess how much fat you’re burning. You are weighed and measured weekly to keep up motivation and compliance. It’s not easy (involves measuring and weighing every mouthful of food) but the rewards are immediate. The program comes with comprehensive notes and great recipes. Clients report reduced appetite and cravings, and fantastic results. For more info see ultralite.com.au.



Involves one meal replacement (e.g. a breakfast shake, a high protein meal bar, or soup) plus 2 meals consisting of a palm sized portion of protein (e.g. fish or chicken) and 3 handfuls of vegetables or salad, good essential oil, plus 2 snacks. Typical weight loss is around 2 kg the first week then 1 kg per week thereafter. It is sustainable long term, and does not involve measuring and weighing. For more info see shake-it.com.au.


ADOH “Lost It”

This involves a combination of the various programs we offer, tailored to the individual’s preferences and takes into account dietary restrictions. Around 1kg a week is typical. It is the easiest to maintain long-term, and is suitable for long term maintenance.


Fat Acceleration Program

Based on the ‘HCG’ program originally formulated by Dr. Simeons for resetting the body’s metabolism. Contact the clinic for more information to be emailed.


Maintenance Program

Getting the weight off is one thing, but adopting a long term healthy eating program is essential. We like to monitor your weight regularly (ideally monthly) to ensure your long term health is supported. You may be interested in dealing with other preventative aspects of your health via various tests such as genetic profiling or live blood analysis (see “Testing available at the clinic”) and recheck your biological age, muscle and fat %’s via the Cellular Health assessments. We aim for our clients to live longer and stay healthier. Weight loss can be the beginning!