Detox Simplified : Staying Healthy in a Toxic World (DVD)

All Degrees of Health

Discover ways to optimise your health in this informative seminar with acclaimed speakers.

Are you suffering from health concerns that could relate to toxic overload, like weight gain, hormonal imbalance, immune problems and allergies?
Want to identify and minimise your exposure to household and environmental chemicals and electromagnetic radiation?
Interested in listening to some leading health experts about the latest information related to healthy homes, detoxification and testing options?
This seminar was held at CERES, Brunswick on Saturday April 11th 2015.

Nicole Biljsma: (
Doreen Schwegler: (
Sophie Trpcevski: (
Moira Tobin: (

Detox Simplified
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Complete Health Overhaul : A Guide towards Happiness, Better Sex & Healthy Ageing

By Doreen Schwegler

Are you interested in aging well, feeling great and reducing the risk of developing diseases that run in your family?

Confused with the swathe of sometimes conflicting information about what diet is the best or what supplement is worth taking?

Complete Health Overhaul is a bridge between conventional medical wisdom, recent breakthroughs in understanding how genetic profiling can assist in personalised health care, and naturopathic wisdom.

Complete Health Overhaul Book

Now We're Talking - Health for Mature Women

By Bev Brough

Ensure you are fully equipped for a zestful life!

Are you a mature woman interested in health, happiness and a good read?
Or have a mother who is proactive about her health and wants the most out of life?

This enlightening and engrossing book is packed full of useful and interesting information on topics ranging from exercise, laughter, mind-set, hypnotherapy, improving energy, menopause and Thought Field Therapy to genetic profiling and more!

The contributing authors include Maggie Beer, Lisa Curry, Doreen Schwegler and 14 other wellness-focused women, all experts in their field: their wisdom will help you make the most of what can be the best years of your life, full of freedom, choices, adventures and new challenges.

‘Now We’re Talking - health for mature women’, is written for a demographic that is demanding recognition and information: mature women who are – or want to feel – vibrant, energetic and vital; who are young-at-heart and eager to live in optimum health for the next stage in their lives.

Complete Health Overhaul Book
(includes a $10 donation to Oxfam per book sold)