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Should I get the Flu Vaccine?

This is a common question asked at All Degrees of Health practitioners.
People are worried about getting the flu but are nervous about getting a ‘flu’ vaccine due to concerns about potential short and long term side-effects.
Here are some alternatives to boost your immune system:
– Eliminate all SUGAR (this can weaken immunity)
– Increase GARLIC (can help fight nasty bugs). Garlic is nature’s wonder drug! If you don’t like eating it due to smelly afterwards, it is available is strong capsules with no adverse social effects.
– Drink lots of pure WATER (ideally filtered)
– EXERCISE daily (stimulates your lymphatic/immune system)
– Have adequate SLEEP (allows your immune system to repair). If you have troubles sleeping, contact admin@alldegreesofhealth.com.au for our FREE sleep tip sheet, or see one of our therapists for some personalized help
– For recurrent infections – it may be a good idea to see a naturopath or TCM practitioner to assess your immune function and take some herbs and nutrients to boost your immune system! There are some specific treatment protocols for flu depending on your constitution and your symptoms. We have some general immune supportive complexes, but oftentimes it’s worthwhile getting something individualized.
QUICK SCRIPTs OFFER: If you have an acute problem like a cold or flu and are a current patient at our clinic, you have the option of doing a mini-consult of up to 15 minutes duration to have something individually prescribed!