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What you can do about fertility problems?

Natural FertilityA big problem facing one in five couples is troubles conceiving and having a healthy at-term child. I would like to share 3 considerations to overcome this problem:
1. Ensure your BMI (especially your fat percentages) is within normal range for both partners. Exercise and diet are very important, as well as addressing underlying problems, like stress, poor digestive health or inflammation that could be inhibiting effective weight loss.
2. Investigate thoroughly – ensure nutrient levels including Vitamin D and zinc are within range; be aware of when you are ovulating (ideally prior to day 17 of your cycle), and that there are no negative environmental issues like EMR (electromagnetic radiation), toxicity (think chemicals at work, social drugs and some medications) that are burdening either partner.
3. Consider a complete health overhaul with a naturopath who specialises in fertility prior to embarking on IVF, if you are frustrated at recurrent IVF failures, or you would like to optimise your own health as well as that of your future baby.

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